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How Obama Government Develop Biomass Energy? (I)

To develop biomass energy, America has its own ways. In China, we mostly use the straw pellet machine to develop biomass energy. The Bill of Reinvestment and Recovery, released by Obama Government, shows that more than 60 billion dollars will be used for developing clean energy and renewable energy.

straw pellet machine

Hundreds of thousands job opportunities will be created in fields like research, manufacturing and building, etc. The American clean energy security act, released by the United States Congress, will turn the traditional ways to make and use energies. Increasing the input on biomass energy will be good for creating a stronger and dynamic America economy. A lot of jobs will be created.

The other aim for developing biomass energy is to strengthen the energy safety. Energy safety is always one of the most important aims for developing the safety strategy. Energy safety is related with the sustainable growth of America economy. Only the reliable supply of energy can make America confident.

But, all previous American governments only care about the oil export and oil supply when discussing about energy safety. While, to strengthen the energy safety, the energy policies of Obama government try to change the growth model. To this, Obama comes up with the slogan of energy dependence and powerfully develop the biomass energy.

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