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How to Use Straws in Denmark?

Last week, Ministry of Environmental Protection circulated a notice about the monitoring situation on burning work of straws through remote sensing. They monitored that there are 20 governments or areas that have this situation. So, when it comes to this week, air is seriously polluted. Why it is rare to hear the news about the straw burning at abroad?

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The first power plant, with straws as fuels, is set up in Denmark. Nowadays, the most advanced technology for generating power with straws is in Denmark. In the modernized power plant, the most attractive is not the specially-designed trapezoidal workshop, not the modernized devices, but the well-packaged straws in fuel room.

After harvesting grains, farmers will sell the straws to power plant. Power plants in Ken Avidor burn 150 thousand tons of straw every year. So-large amount of straws can meet the demands of several million users for heat and power supply. After generating power with straws, we can take the burned ash as fertilizer for farmers.

By doing so, power plants enjoy the cheap materials and farmers enjoy the cheap power. Meanwhile, environment is well protected and new energy can be developed. To process agricultural straws into biomass pellets, we need to use straw pellet mill. To want know more about straw pellet mill, you can click website!

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