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Developing Status of Straw Pellet Mill In America

After Obama comes into power, his major task is to revitalize American economy, increase jobs and decrease the unemployment rate. Aims to develop biomass energy are nothing less than these aspects. In 2009, Obama has committed that American government will invest 150 billion dollars to develop biomass fuels, renewable energy production and cleaning technology.

straw pellet machine

In 2011, American governments release the future blueprint of safe energy. Obama commits to powerfully developing biomass fuels. He thinks that biomass fuels are very important to alleviate the oil dependence and create many jobs. Therefore, he says that the development of biomass energy is not only the responsibility of governments, but also the powerful work of private sectors.

Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy Department, thinks that to develop biomass energy is the key part for Obama Government to cut down dependence on oil, support American industry and create a lot of job opportunities. New energy and biomass energy policies are the important parts of Obama's New Deal.

After coming into power, Obama faces the first task: to revive American economy. The starting points of biomass energy policies are revitalizing American economy, increasing job opportunities and supporting the emerging industry. We place the high hopes on the biomass energy policies, which will get through the American economy.

The biomass energy policies will become the continuous propelling forces for future economic growth and new growth points of American economy. Advanced biomass machines like straw pellet mill are the key parts of biomass energy policies. To see the straw pellet machine on website!

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