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Why Black Dust Appears When Pellets Are Burned?

Biomass pellets, as the finished products of straw pellet mill, are ideal alternatives of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Why black dust appears when biomass pellets are burned? How to deal the black dust? The major reason to have black dust is the insufficient burning of biomass pellets.

straw pellet mill

Except for the carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, water steam, oxygen and nitrogen, the insufficient burning of biomass pellets can also produce the flammable gases like carbon monoxide , hydrogen and methane, etc. If being burned, these flammable gases will produce the black dust.

Except for the production of black dust, the insufficient burning can increase the using amount of fuels and operational cost of enterprises. Inside the boiler, there is an air preheater. When wind leaks out from the air preheated, hot wind can not meet the demands for burning work. Then, black dust will appear.

If biomass pellets to be burned have residues of high viscosity, black dust will appear due to the poor atomization effect. During the working process of fully automatic oil-fired boiler, it may suddenly flame out. How to see the flaming out? We can judge from the following points like sudden increase of negative pressure, flame disappearing, decrease of steam pressure and steam temperature, sudden decrease of steam flow, sudden fall and rise of water level.

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