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How to Test Pellet Quality of Straw Pellet Mill?

If raw materials are different, biomass pellet of straw pellet mill will seem to be a little different. Some pellets are not as beautiful as others. But, we can not judge the quality of biomass pellets just from the surface. How to rightly judge the quality of biomass pellets? The first way is the simplest.

straw pellet machine

We put the biomass pellets into a cup of water. If they fall down, we can see that their density is enough high, basically larger than 1. While, if we see the pellets on water surface, we will see that their density is low and quality is poor. From the perspective of mechanics, poorer the durability of biomass pellets is, easier the work for them to be crushed.

The second way is to take a carrier, fill it with water and weigh. Then, we fill the water carrier with pellets and then weigh. After that, we use this weight to minus the net weight of carrier. The result of qualified biomass pellets should be in 0.6kg/liter to 0.7kg/liter. This value is recognized as the specific ratio of biomass pellets and it is an important parameter.

This parameter is related with the working pressure of straw pellet machine. If pellets are not qualified, this value will decrease to 0.6 smaller. Besides, they are easily to be cracked into powders. All the above two ways are relatively simple and practical for measuring the quality of biomass pellets. If you want to get more accurate and powerful data, pls go to special agencies. 

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