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Price Difference Between Straw Pellet Machines

According to the market search, prices of straw pellet mill are different from supplier to supplier. Then, do you know the reasons? Here, i discuss about them one by one. The price difference is firstly blamed to the different specification. Even though straw pellet mill is made by one supplier, its prices are still different according to its specification.

straw pellet machine

The prices of straw pellet mill are different according to the different configuration. If straw pellet mill is equipped with good accessories, then its price will be certainly a little higher. Working efficiency of straw pellet mill is mainly dependent on the configuration. Higher the configuration is, higher the production cost is.

For different suppliers of straw pellet mill, their technical powers are also different. So, their prices are different, too. But, the price difference is not too large due to this factor. Competition of straw pellet mill in market is quite serious. As time goes by, the competition is more and more serious.

To defeat competitors, some suppliers use cheap price to attract customers. Their quotas are different from those of others. Some one will ask how these suppliers win the benefits. As a saying goes by, wool comes from the sheep. These suppliers are not welfare agencies and they need to win money. Low price means that they are shoddy products. How dare you use these products?

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