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Difference Between Two Kinds of Straw Pellet Mill

With the production experience for more than 30 years, FTM China Machinery is a professional supplier of straw pellet machine. Until now, using straw pellet mill to process agricultural and forestry wastes has become an inevitable tendency. Nowadays, there are many enterprises that have studied and developed different kinds of straw pellet mill.

straw pellet machine

To make biomass pellets, there are basically two kinds of straw pellet mill: ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill. What are the differences? In general, the work of straw pellet mill is to suppress those agricultural straws like corn straw, saw dust and rice hull into biomass pellets. There is a little difference on the pelletizing performance between ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill.

For the flat die pellet mill, its advantages lie in the great pressure and easy adjustment between press roller and mold. Meanwhile, it has small volume, light weight and easy operation. Besides, flat die pellet machine has strict demands toward the water content in raw materials. Doubtlessly, it has the shortcomings like low output, serious wear and high power consumption.

More seriously, it is difficult to change the press roller of flat die pellet machine. Different from the flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet machine has higher output and lower power consumption. It is quite easy to change the mold and press roller. But, it has the shortcomings like low working pressure, difficult heat dissipation and troublesome change on mold.

When using the flat die pellet machine, we need to specially notice the distance between mold and press roller. Email us to get price!

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