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Contrast Between Coal And Pellet of Straw Pellet Mill

Along with the serious air pollution, governments always insist on the principle of sustainable development and more value the application on new resource. Equipment for making biomass fuels greatly alleviate the energy tension. Biomass materials are the best choice for replacing the fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.

straw pellet machine

Ok, let’s see the difference between biomass fuels and fossil fuels. Inside the biomass pellets, sulfur content is low and mostly at 0.12%. There is no need to equip the straw pellet mill with desulfurization device. There are many hydrogen and volatiles in biomass fuel. Carbon in biomass pellets can combine the hydrogen to make the low-molecule hydrocarbon.

If being heated to certain temperature, the biomass pellets will be decomposed and volatile will separate out. Therefore, biomass pellets are easy to ignite. Oxygen content in biomass pellets is much inside. The oxygen content is remarkably more than that of carbon. By virtue of this, thermal value of biomass pellets is quite low.

Density of biomass pellet is low, which is clearly smaller than that of carbon. Biomass pellets are loose and easy to ignite. Carbon dioxide, being released out from biomass, is low. By burning the biomass fuels, there is zero carbon dioxide. Ash slag, being produced by the burning biomass, can be used to make fertilizer.

The wastes like ash slag can be recycled and it is hard for mineral fuels like coal. Click website to get the price of straw pellet mill.

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