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Raw Materials of FTM Ring Die Pellet Machine

By virtue of the advantages like great energy conservation, strong environmental protection, easy operation, wide application ranges of biomass pellets, wide sources of raw materials, cheap price and high working efficiency, ring die pellet machine is quite famous and known as the key project for promotion.

ring die pellet machine

Let’ see the raw materials of ring die pellet machine firstly. Raw materials of ring die pellet mill are very wide, like corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, cotton straw, bean straw, rice hull, peanut hull, peanut straw, forests, fruit field, branches, trees skin, died tree, bagasse, chamfer slag, weed and leftovers in furniture factory, etc. All these are good materials for ring die pellet mill to make pellets.

Density of raw materials is generally at 130kg/m3. While, the density of finished pellets is larger than 1,100kg/m3. The burning period is long and burning efficiency is very high. Thermal value of biomass pellets is equivalent to that of soft coal. Volatiles of biomass pellets are 20 times of soft coal.

In the smoke of burning pellets, there are few pollutants. The sulfur content of biomass pellet is one tenth of coal. Biomass pellets, as the finished products of ring die pellet machine, can replace those fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. The discharge of ash and other wastes is relatively lower than that of coal.

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