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How to Deal Cracking Ring Die of Straw Pellet Mill?

If we use the straw pellet mill in a wrong way, ring die will be easily cracked and normal production will be seriously influenced. Then, let’s discuss about the reasons and solutions to the cracking problem of ring die. If working area of delivering roller is worn out, ring die will be cracked. To solve it, we must immediately change the embracing hoop.

straw pellet machine

If mating surface between mold and roller is remarkably loose, ring die will be possibly cracked. To deal this problem, we must immediately change the driving wheel or increase the size tolerance of mating surface. Sometimes, the ring die will be cracked due to the wear of driving key.

To avoid the damage of ring die, we can frequently check the distance between measuring key and keyway or timely change the driving key. The cracking of ring die may be blamed to the damage of mainshaft bearing. To this problem, we can solve it by timely changing the mainshaft bearing.

Sometimes, the disc spring will become loose. Then, mainshaft will move and crack the ring die. To deal this problem, we can add or change the disc spring. If the safety bolt or bolt seat is improper, load on straw pellet mill will be high and ring die will be cracked. To deal it, we must use the specially-made safety bolt.

The above content mainly discusses about the reasons and solutions to cracking problem of ring die. To this, we have concluded a lot on our website, except for the above. Follow our website to find more!

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