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To Judge Straw Pellet Mill From View of Newcomer

To buy a reliable machine, we need to judge from the equipment performance. But, if you are a newcomer, how to judge? When making a site visit, we can hear the working sound of straw pellet mill. Through the sound, we can judge the working performance. The detailed way is to take an iron bar and place one end on the bearing seat.

straw pellet mill

Then, from the another end, we can hear the working situation of bearing. If you do not hear any noise or murmur, then we can confirm that the working situation of bearing and principal axis is basically good. The second way to select straw pellet mill is smelling. During the process to make a test run, we can smell the pellets whether aromatic or not.

If aroma appears, we can deduce that the straw pellet mill is not good. To cheat customers, some suppliers add some additives during the process of test run. The real pellets do not have any aroma inside, only have the lignin smell inside. When it comes to this part, we need to introduce the lignin.

For the FTM straw pellet mill, its work does not need the help of adhesives. Inside the raw materials like saw dust and wood dust, there is a natural adhesive. Under the work of roller and mold, lignin will release out when temperature reaches to 60℃ or 80℃. When test run of straw pellet mill comes to end, we can use our hands to touch the bearing chamber.

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