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Types of Ring die in FTM Saw Dust Pellet Machine

Sawdust pellet mill, with ring die as its key part, is a good maker of biomass pellets. Compression ratio of ring die refers to the ratio between effective length and the minimum diameter. It is the index used to reflect the strength of biomass pellets. Larger the compression ratio of ring die is, denser the biomass pellets are.

sawdust pellet mill

For the ring die in straight, effective length of die hole means the total thickness of ring die and the minimum diameter refers to the diameter of die hole itself. As for the ring die in external cone, effective length of die hole means that the total thickness of ring die subtracts the length of external cone. 

As for the ring die in internal cone, we generally take the whole thickness as the effective length. Coarseness is also the important index to measure the quality of ring die. Under the same compression ratio, larger the coarseness, more difficult the discharging work. The proper coarseness changes from 0.8 to 1.6.

During the processes to purchase, crush and deliver materials, a lot of jobs are created. How to safely use sawdust pellet mill is a problem that we should closely focus on. We take the user’s safety as the first topic and we make the safety manuals for users. Hope you can run the sawdust pellet mill safely every day.

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