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Drying machines are the accessory devices for the normal work and continuous production of sawdust pellet mill. The major roles of drying machine are to offering the qualified raw materials with proper water content inside. For many experienced users, they all consider this point and equip the sawdust pellet mill with suitable dryers.

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To ensure the flexible work of sawdust pellet mill and alleviate the working burden, we should lubricate the press roller and bearing for every 2 hours. Besides, we need to often check the lubricating oil in gear box. If the new sawdust pellet mill works for half a month, we need to change the oil. 

By doing so, we can prolong the service life of toothed gears. For every week, we must carefully check the connecting parts like bolts and travel switch. Meanwhile, to avoid the mechanical failure, we need to clean the feeding dragon and modulator at the same time! For every half a month, we need to check the driving key and strengthen the flange and embracing hoop.

If they are worn out, we need to change them immediately. Or else, the ring die would waggle and output would be influenced. To ensure the discharging work smooth and avoid the greater electric consumption, we need to select the compression ratio of ring die according to the different formula.

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