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Flouring Development of FTM Straw Pellet Mill

Along with the continuous shortage of coal resource and deterioration of environmental pollution, straw pellet mill is flourishing, however. The meanings that straw pellet mill exists are to recycle those agricultural and forestry wastes and turn them into the clean and renewable fuels.

straw pellet machine

Some body tell me that your industry is to do those easy things complexly. Here, i give you an example: flour and bread. If not being processed, flour is flour and its price is cheap. But, if we process the flour into bread, then the benefits you get will be several times of flour. Actually, this is also suitable for agricultural materials.

The only use of agricultural materials is to be burned for warming or other purposes. Purpose is same, but the values between agricultural material and agricultural pellet are quite different. Here is the reasons. The agricultural pellets, with agricultural material as predecessors, are quite beautiful in appearance and high in thermal value.

This turning seems to be the scene that we see the ugly duckling becomes a beautiful white swan. Saving energy needs the participation of every people. As a i have said about, straw pellet mill can really realize the zero discharge of carbon dioxide. Besides, it has the features of small dust production and small slag production.

Agricultural wastes are very cheap. But, by using straw pellet mill, we make those cheap agricultural materials become expensive. See, this is the charm of straw pellet mill. Click website to see the price list of straw pellet machine!

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