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To Make Biomass Pellets With Straw Pellet Mill

Biomass pellets, as the finished products of straw pellet mill, are the processed product with urban living garbage, agricultural straw and waste wood as raw materials. The whole processing work does not contain any additives or adhesives. The processing work can change the density, strength and burning performance of raw materials.

straw pellet mill

The burning work of biomass pellets mostly occurs on the surface. If air is enough in boiler, volatile contents will have few lost. Then, there is not much black dust. What are the environmental advantages of biomass pellets? Biomass pellets are low-carbon energy. The effective burning of biomass pellets majors in the role of volatiles.

The content of fixed carbon is only about 15%. Therefore, biomass pellets are the typical low-carbon fuels. Sulfur content of biomass pellets, only about 0.05%, is much lower than that of diesel. We can realize the zero discharge of carbon dioxide while do not need to equip the straw pellet mill with desulfurizing device.

Ash content in biomass pellet is 1.8%, which is about one tenth of coal-based fuel. Dust emission is qualified as long as we equip the straw pellet mill with the simple dedusting device. Biomass pellets have low nitrogen and oxygen content. During the burning process of biomass pellets, we can decrease the production of nitrogen oxides.

During the burning process of biomass pellets, there are few ash slag. The ash slag are high-grade organic fertilizer. We can recycle them. See more from the website!

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