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FAQ on Work of FTM Straw Pellet Machine

Biomass pellets, featured in the easy storage and convenient transportation, are the finished products of straw pellet mill. Length of biomass pellets can be adjusted by the cutting blade. You can decide the length of biomass pellets as your demands. How to change the mold of straw pellet machine?

straw pellet mill

The procedures are: dismantling the material upper, taking down material cylinder, dismantling the press roller and cutting blade, unscrewing the screw and lifting out mold with chest developer. Remember, to be safe, you must turn off the electricity. If mold is blocked, what should we do? Blocking problem often appears during the working process of straw pellet mill.

To deal this, we should rub down the pin fin and drill it. It is not allowed to directly use vice. If straw pellet mill can not discharge pellets, what should we do? At first, we can paste the circular mold with some lubricating oil or edible oil, then extrude it with saw dust or fine sand for 10 minutes.

Compression ratio refers to the effective length of ring die. Theoretically, larger the compression ratio of ring die, slower the discharging speed of straw pellet mill. Besides, ring die is easy to be blocked. Proper compression ratio of ring die can directly influence the output of straw pellet machine.

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