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How is the Industry of Straw Pellet Machine?

How is the industry of straw pellet mill? This problem, to be honest, is not specific. There are two aspects that are involved with. The first aspect is the manufacturing industry of straw pellet mill. If you refer to this, then i can say that it is not quite good. Since the whole economic situation is not too good, every industry seems to be in danger.

straw pellet machine

And mechanical industry is not an exception. If you ask about the industry of biomass pellets, then, i can answer that this is good. On earth, the industry of biomass pellets belongs to a new area. Biomass pellets, featured in the high thermal efficiency, great energy conservation and great environmental protection, can be called as biomass materials and can be recycled.

The application ranges of biomass pellets are quite wide. Compared with other industries, biomass pellet has wider space for development. It is suggested that we need to dismantle the machine for cleaning and maintenance when its output reaches to 20,000 kilograms. For every month, we need to check the bolts on worm, worm gear and lubricating block.

If we do not use the straw pellet mill for a long time, what preparations we need to make? If the shut-down period is too long, we need to clean the whole body of straw pellet mill and cover the surface with oil. As a supplier of straw pellet mill, FTM China Machinery has prepared the price list for you on website!

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