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Q&A on Work of Ring Die Pellet Mill (V)

Q: Ring die pellet mill, as you say that, is able to turn those agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass pellets of great value. But, recently, the pellets are not tight as before and there are many powders inside. What are the reasons and how to deal it?

A: Thanks for your question. To this problem, we have three ways: controlling the output, improving the compression ratio of ring die and adjusting the formula properly if necessary.

ring die pellet machine

Q: I have used your ring die pellet machine for more than 2 years. And it always works good. But, i notice that some pellets have different color like those normal ones. Why? And how to deal it?

A: Thanks for your support. To make the color consistent, you need to control the addition amount of water. Except for this, you need to control the cleanliness of ring die.

Q: how to deal the seriously-blocked die holes? Can you help you?

A: At first, thanks for your question. I do not know whether you use our product. Ring die pellet mill has many specifications. Here, i just introduce the common solutions for you. To specially treat, i need to know your product specification. The first way is to immerse the ring die in oil and then use formula feed to gradually dredge. The second way is using whole corn or pressed corn. By watching the discharging situation of this corn from die holes, you can primary deduce the working situation. The last way is to use electrical drill. This way needs you to be careful, or else, the die holes would be damaged.

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