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Q&A on Work of FTM Ring Die Pellet Mill (I)

Q:What factors we should consider about if ring die pellet mill works with loud noise and strong vibration?

ring die pellet mill

A:  To this problem, we think there are at least eight reasons. The first one is unstable feeding of raw materials. To this, you should adjust the feeding speed. The second one is the wear of deflection scrapper. If scrapper is worn out, feeding work will not be even. At this time, you should consider to change a new scrapper.

The third one is that maybe you use new ring die with old press roller. The best way is to use new ring die with new press roller, or old ring die with old press roller. The fourth one is the distance between press roller and ring die. To adjust the distance, you can refer to the instructional books. On it, there is a detailed explanation.

The next reason is the raw materials themselves. If raw materials are not suitable or have foreign matters inside, ring die pellet mill will still work abnormally. If steam supply is insufficient or pressure changes, loud noise will occur during the working process. To solve this, you can check whether the steam pipe and system pressure are normal or not.

Sometimes, the bearing damage can also influence the work of ring die pellet mill. If loud noise or strong vibration occurs, you can blame it or them to the damage of bearings. As a supplier of ring die pellet mill in China, FTM China Machinery dares to say that we are the NO.1! See our power through website!

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