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Last Two Major Systems in Ring Die Pellet Mill

The normal work of ring die pellet mill is indispensable from the work of five systems. They are respectively the feeding system, driving system, agitating system, pelletizing system and overload protecting system. We have discussed about the first three in last news. Now, let’s come to see the pelletizing system and overload protecting system.

ring die pellet machine

Major parts in pelletizing system include ring die and press roller. Ring die has many holes. During the working process of ring die pellet mill, raw materials are strongly pressed by ring die and press roller, then enter into the holes. If so, ring die should have enough strength and strong resistance to wear.

The normal die holes are straight holes, stepped holes, outer taper holes and inner cone holes. Press roller plays the role of pressing materials into die holes. To increase the power of press roller for pressing raw materials, we often take the measures like adding frictional force or increasing wear resistance.

For overload protecting system, it mainly has two types like safety bolt or frictional disk. When foreign matters enter into pelletizing room or there are many raw materials inside, pressure between press roller and ring die will exceed the limit. As a result, safety bolt will fracture or frictional disk will move. At this time, overload protecting system will work: sending signal, cutting off electricity.

The major role of overload protecting system is to protect parts from being damaged. Email us to tell your demands toward our product!

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