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Points Involved With Work of Sawdust Pellet Mill

Pellet quality is involved with many links during the working process of sawdust pellet mill. It is necessary for us to conclude the influential factors. Raw materials to be processed by sawdust pellet mill need to be pre-processed. Properties of raw materials like appearance, strength and hardness are involved with the pellet quality.

sawdust pellet mill

Sawdust pellet mill can deal powdered materials. But, it has demands toward the powder size. The size from 5μm to 15μm is available. Either sawdust pellet mill works in a dried way or in a wet way, mobility of raw material is always in demands. The mobility of raw material is related with the performance of accessories, feeding work and bin size, etc.

Greater the mobility of raw material, easier the work of sawdust pellet mill. This is the conclusion. To get the pellets with special components inside, we may add some fillings in raw materials like bentonite and clay, etc. If we add water at this time, these fillings will become unavailable. Some materials are hard to be processed. At this time, we need to add certain amount of additives inside.

It is necessary to make materials become adhesive under heating situation if sawdust pellet mill works in a dried way. Conversely, if sawdust pellet mill works in a wet way, a lot of materials will become unavailable especially for those heat-sensitive materials. Therefore, during the working process of sawdust pellet mill, we need to control the temperature.

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