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How to Get Good Pellets From Sawdust Pellet Mill?

What factors can influence the pellet quality? The first one is hardness of adhesives. Bentonite is a kind of adhesive. During the working process of sawdust pellet mill, higher the content of bentonite, greater the hardness of pellet. Sometimes, we may find that pellets are mildewed or have foreign matters inside.

sawdust pellet mill

These defects can directly influence the further application of pellets. There are many reasons. To the source, maybe the raw materials have enough water inside. Based on this, we need to do the preparation work well. At first, we need to strictly control the quality of raw material. In northern areas, September is the season to harvest. But, in September, most areas are in rainy days.

The agricultural straws are wet, usually. If we pile them up directly, they will heated and mildewed. The best way is to place them dispersely. These watered straws will be dried in a seasoning way and not be mildewed again. Meanwhile, they can not be heated or even fired. During the purchasing process, we should say no to those mildewed straws.

The purchased straws should be piled up uprightly with diameter less than 3m. The pile distance should be wider than 1m. If we deal them like this, these straws will be gradually dried and not be fired. Besides, to avoid the mildew, we need to often transfer piles. Want to know more about sawdust pellet mill? Keep a close eye on our website and you will find a lot of surprises!

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