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To Avoid the Production of Pellet Like This in News

For some people involved with agricultural industry, they are quite familiar with the sawdust pellet mill. Sawdust pellet mill, also named as saw dust pellet machine, is the pellet maker, to be explained in another way. While, as the feedback we received from users showing that, some pellets are very strange in appearance.

sawdust pellet mill

The cracks on pellets are horizontal and across the whole body. But, this kind of pellet do not have concave surface. This kind of pellet is usually produced when materials to be processed are slack and rich in fibers. After materials are discharged out from the ring die, fibers will become inflated and make cracks appear.

How to avoid the pellet production like this? There are several ways. One is to increase the compression ratio of ring die. Secondly, we can control the fineness of fibers and its maximum should be smaller than one third of pellet diameter. Thirdly, by slowing the speed of raw materials to pass through die hole, we can increase the pellet strength.

Next, to prolong the modulating period, we can use the multi-layer modulator or kettle modulator. If water content in raw materials is too high or raw materials are rich in urea, pellet production like this will not be avoided. So, we need to control the last two factors. To know more about sawdust pellet mill, please follow our website.

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