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How to Avoid the Pellet Production Like This?

Pellets, discharged from sawdust pellet mill, are not always good like the picture on website! In some cases, we can see the pellets like this! Characteristic of this kind of pellet is the straight cracks on surface. If materials to be processed are rich in slack and flexible components, they will absorb water and become inflated during the modulating process.

sawdust pellet mill

Due to the water content and great flexibility, pellets produced have straight cracks on surface. There are many ways that can be used to solve this failure like changing the components of raw materials, controlling the steam quality or using additives, etc. Sometimes, the finished pellets of sawdust pellet mill have rugged surface.

This situation mostly occurs during the modulating process. If those large particles are not enough softened during the modulating process, they will become independent when being fed into ring die with other materials. So, the finished pellets are rugged. As we all know, during the modulating process, steam bubble may be mingled with raw materials.

Due to the pressure changes, steam bubbles sometimes may be broken. At this time, pellets will not be as smooth as before. Solutions lie in the proper control on fineness of raw materials. During the modulating process, we need to ensure that every raw material can be fully softened.

If raw materials are rich in fibers, we should notice the addition of steam during the modulating process. It is our duty to offer you the best products and services. Hope you can supervise us! Price list is on website!

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