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Since the industry to manufacture sawdust pellet mill develops rapidly and environmental regulations becomes serious day by day, high-speed dry cutting machining is urgently required. Along with the change of manufacturing way, more and more people have doubts on the dry machining. Dry machining means to use little coolant during the production process.

sawdust pellet mill

The dry machining takes 10% about in the total cost. If it is saved, a lot of cost on cooling system will be saved. Sawdust pellet mill is the producer of biomass pellets with agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials such as rice hull, tree bark, straw, grass. The just-discharged pellets are not suitable for immediate storage.

They need to be dried for 12 hours in open land. When their water content decreases to 14% or smaller, we can package them in bags for storage. The qualified bags are stored in the bin with good ventilating effect. Do not forget to transfer them often. To avoid the firing situation, we should often check the bin temperature.

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