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We must Upgrade Lime Briquetting Machine Production

The lime briquetting machine is an environment protective product made by Fote Heavy Machinery (, so the production upgrading is very important for us to realize the environment protection and energy saving goals.

The lime briquetting machine is mainly used to compress all kinds of powder materials into briquettes or pellets. According to Fote professionals, the lime briquetting machines are experiencing constant improvement for both products and technologies.

lime briquetting machine

Then let’s talk about the production improvement of the lime briquetting machine and briquetting industry.

In the real production, we recommend users to adopt smokeless powdered raw material sources in order to reduce the lime briquetting cost. The on-site formation of the lime briquetting machine is more helpful to reduce the production cost and proposes few requirements for the equipment properties like the water resistance. Especially for those processes adopting the inorganic binders, it’s better to realize on-site formation because the useless ash content transportation expense is saved.

Speaking of the ash content, we should keep up with the international production technology. In order to reduce the ash content of the lime briquettes, we can wash and separate the raw material first to improve the fixed carbon content. It’s important to perfect the lime briquetting process by doing research and development on the lime briquetting machine and its auxiliary devices like the rotary dryer.

As an ideal raw material, the formed lime can improve the final quality and expand the application range of the final lime briquettes. To extend the material source will be the future development tendency for the lime briquetting machines.

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