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Improvements to the Defects of Sawdust Pellet Mill

To effectively improve the rigidity of sawdust pellet mill and increase the resistance to vibration, we adopt some ways to lower the center gravity. If we lower the center gravity and change the feeding way from manually to automatically, electric power will be saved.

sawdust pellet mill

Aiming at the problems of feeding system of saw dust pellet machine, we mainly make the following upgrades to decrease energy consumption. To eliminate the dead angles, increase the feeding amount and improve the working efficiency, we change the shape of feeding hopper from the inverted rectangular pyramid to inverted round pyramid. 

When materials are blocked at the clearance between pre-pressing punch and shaping cylinder, it is quite troublesome to deal the blocking since hopper is heavy and bolt connection needs to consume a lot. To improve this situation, we change the bolt connection to three-point connection.

Through a lot of experiment and theoretical analysis, we can make the following improvements in hydraulic system to save energy and improve the working efficiency. Aiming at the problem of high working pressure, we can use the two-cylinder and two-piston main cylinder to replace single-cylinder and single-piston main cylinder.

To check the locating situation of prepressing punch, we can use travel switch to control. By using travel switch to replace pressure relay, we can improve the maintenance efficiency and reduce the systemic energy consumption. Through the above detailed measures, we can improve the whole coordinating performance of sawdust pellet mill, reduce the failure rate and boost the working efficiency. These actions are very useful for the further development of biomass molding technology.

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