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Defects of Sawdust Pellet Mill That You May Meet

Feeding hopper of saw dust pellet machine is in the shape of inverted rectangular pyramid. During the working process of sawdust pellet mill, dead angles are easy to appear around feeding hopper and often blocked. Due to this, feeding amount is directly influenced and output is further influenced. More seriously, electrical circuit is burned out.

sawdust pellet mill

Clearance fit between piston of oil cylinder and main cylinder is easy to be blocked by materials. Major reasons are not-rigorous clearance and poor control on stroke. If punch of main cylinder can not push the materials at connecting place into shaping cylinder, they will gather together and block the clearance fit.

Since feeding hopper is heavy itself and bolts are used to connect hopper and normal pressure device, it is not easy to dismantle for maintenance. Main cylinder adopts the single cylinder and single piston and its working pressure is about 20 MPa. Since systemic pressure is high, saw dust pellet machine is easy to vibrate strongly.

Sometimes, oil leakage may occur in hydraulic system. Commutation of main cylinder and prepressing cylinder is controlled by electro-hydraulic directional control valve and pressure relay. If prepressing cylinde is blocked, its punch will not successfully fit main cylinder. Being controlled by pressure relay, punch of main cylinder will begin to work.

Shear force produces when working punch contacts with blocked materials. This shear force may cause many problems and these problems are not easy to be found out. Click website to get price list of newly-type sawdust pellet mill!

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